Our Approach

Rad's FX strives to outshine the competition but having the right equipment and the right people at the right price. What this means to you, the client, is that there will always be the correct team of people, with the correct equipment at your event to make sure that it runs smoothly.

Our Story

Since our humble beggings in 2008, Rad's FX has been providing top of the line lighting, Video, and Audio systems to clients across the Midwest and across the Nation. From a globally televised MMA fight in Miami to a music festival in Kansas City, Rad's FX has the right tools and people to make it happen.

Meet the Team

At Rad's FX, our core team is personally involved in every event. It is our way of making sure that things don't fall through the cracks.


"Robert" Aaron Dykes

Founder & CEO

Robert started Rad's FX from scratch and has been vital in growing the company to what it is today.


Micah Burns


Micah brought his extensive technical knowledge to the Rad's FX team in 2015 and has worked closely with the rest of the team to ensure the technology behind the shows works flawlessly.

Next Steps...

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